Solo Styling Intermediate

Do You Want to Learn the Secrets of Cuban Salsa Solo Styling?

In Intermediate Solo Styling, you will learn:

  • intermediate styling patterns that you can use right away
  • how to use Cuban Afro-movements in your salsa-dancing
  • to “play” with the music and use delay to make your styling more awesome
  • Cuban salsa spinning  technique;
  • and double-spins into both directions
  • insider-knowdledge into arm and leg positioning when you “pose” in your solo-steps
  • how to get from a basic step into different movements and back
  • a fool-proof method to feel more confident when you dance
  • how particular movements are rooted in Cuban culture

15.99 EUR

There is a 100%-money-back guarantee on this course. If you don’t like it, I will refund you and you get to keep the access. You can literally check it out at ZERO risk.