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Every Purchase of 2+ Courses earns you a Free 3-Hour-Bonus (Prerecorded Class of Salsa con Afro, Pachanga Footwork, and Timba Musicality)!

“I enjoyed the Online Classes a lot. I LOVE dancing at home. I really like David’s style of teaching, especially for us Europeans.”

– Mandy Muller

You are probably here for a reason. Either you’re also already a dancer or you ready to get started with Cuban Salsa.

Some people aren’t sure about learning salsa online. After all, isn’t it different from working with a teacher in person?

I’m not going to lie. It is different in many ways. For example, you cannot get the same energy-exchange between people.

But there are also a TON of advantages with learning Salsa from home:

  1. You will have access to your class FOREVER. This also means you can pause, re-watch, and go back to the steps that challenge you.
  2. Dancing from home means there is NOBODY who is watching you. You can focus only on our steps, and can forget about anyone judging you. You can even dance naked (finally!)
  3. You’re investing in your future as a dancer. To get better (in Salsa getting better and having more fun are the same thing), you need to push yourself. Practicing from home re-enforces your commitment to become the best Salsero/a you can be.

Sounds interesting? Scroll down this page to get a chronological overview of the classes available.

Choreo Bootcamp: Learn a longer combination of different solo steps (Intermediate)

(This course is equals about 2 hours of live salsa-classes. The video itself is about 60 minutes, but doesn’t include a lot of practice time. )

12.99 EUR

The most essential salsa steps to dance on your own. (Beginner to Intermediate)

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15.99 EUR

“I can honestly say that I have learned more during two months of workshops with David than I have taking classes for YEARS before.”

– Sofia Calles Duarte

Intermediate salsa steps to dance on your own. (All Levels)

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15.99 EUR

Get absolute control of your entire body. Highly-effective tools that will instantly make you look more Cuban. (All Levels)

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24.99 EUR

The most essential footwork steps to dance on your own. (Intermediate)

15.99 EUR

“David’s students always leave class completely satisfied! He is one of the most dedicated dance-teachers I know.” 

– Jessie Spangberg”

Learn how to dance perfectly “in sync” with the music. Understand the secret hints of the song. (Intermediate)

12.99 EUR

How to Go From Newbie to Salsa-Teacher in Less than 3 Years. (Learning-Theory Course)

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15.99 EUR

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