Body Movement Mastery

Do You Want to Learn How to Move Your Body Like a Cuban?

In Body-Movement Mastery you will learn:

  • highly-effective exercised to improve your body movement
  • how to move your shoulders correctly
  • the “shimmy”, meaning the shoulder shaking which is so typical of Cuban salsa
  • the key to good chest movement — explained in detail
  • getting full control over your hips
  • the essential “zombie-party-step”
  • the crazy full-body movement called “despelote”
  • how to move your different body-parts to the beat like a Cuban
  • upper body circles that will make you a master of every Timbaton song
  • a full body warm-up/practice-routine for body-movement
  • how particular movements are rooted in Cuban culture

24.99 EUR

There is a 100%-money-back guarantee on this course. If you don’t like it, I will refund you and you get to keep the access. You can literally check it out at ZERO risk.