“I love to attend David’s workshops. David is very dedicated to his craft and teaches with a lot of passion and competence. There’s a great energy in the room and I always leave his workshops looking forward to the next one!” – Michael Wernersson

Learning to Dance is difficult, especially if you are European. You’re just not used to much of the movements and energy.

Oftentimes, somebody who has experienced YOUR struggles can help you best. My goal is to help people to learn faster by teaching you in a way that works for you personally.

David Jascha has studied Cuban Salsa and Afro Cuban dances in Havana from some of the best Cuban dancers in the world. He has given 40+ Weekend-Salsa-Workshops all over Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. He is based in Gothenburg where he is teaching Cuban Salsa Bootcamps.

Before leaving Cuba, he was even offered a spot in the dance team of 1830, Havana’s most popular salsa club. During 2018-19, he has travelled all over Europe, attending international congresses and exploring the dance communities of most major cities.

As a future psychologist, David is deeply concerned with didactics and has a strong passion for teaching the core principles of dance to empower his students to continue independently on their dance journeys.

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